The Art of Surgery: A Compilation from 2016 - 2019

Art of Surgery

The Virginia Surgical Society is seeking writing submissions that reflect the humanity of our art, such as we have recently seen with the works of Atul Gawande's "Being Mortal", Shep Nuland's "The Uncertain Art", and Paul Kalanithi's "When Breath Becomes Air". 

The submissions will be compiled into a manuscript for publication, which will be made available to our members.  Submissions of any length will be accepted until May 18, 2020. Email submissions to Society Manager, Susan McConnell, at

There are an untold number of these important stories occurring every day in our myriad practices throughout Virginia that need to be heard, not just for our sake but also to inspire the next generation of surgeons.  We will strive to serve as the voice for the Virginia surgeons who daily demonstrate the humanity of our art. 


Interested in submitting an article for inclusion? Send us a note!

Virginia Chapter, American College of Surgeons

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