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National survey findings: The public wants to learn bleeding control techniques

Many civilians have expressed interest in taking a bleeding control training course that would empower them to immediately assist victims of active shooter and other intentional mass casualty events at the point of wounding, according to results of a new national poll published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. Furthermore, the vast majority of civilians support training and equipping police officers to perform severe bleeding control on victims as soon as possible rather than wait for emergency medical services (EMS) personnel to arrive on the scene. There’s also strong public support for putting bleeding control kits in public places where large crowds gather, similar to the way that automatic external defibrillators are now found in airports and shopping malls for use by responders who have undergone cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. Find out more.


stop the bleed training saves lives

After an accident on the ski hill caused severe bleeding in skier Jonathan Davis, ski patrol personnel who had recently taken a Stop the Bleed course were able to quickly intervene and save Jonathan’s life. 

“They all had just had tourniquet training. Stop the Bleed training definitely saved my life.”

— Jonathan Davis
Ski accident victim

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Stop the Bleed 09.2019 Report (pdf)


Applying a Tourniquet (pdf)


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Stop the Bleed. The American College of Surgeons (ACS) and ACS Committee on Trauma take this call to action seriously. Our goal is to train every American in basic bleeding control techniques and to work tirelessly toward placing bleeding control kits in every public venue, including schools, community centers, places of worship, and stadiums. Much work remains to be done to accomplish this goal. However, much work has already been accomplished.