Committed to Improving the Quality of Surgical Care

About Us

Realize the Potential of your Profession

The chapters of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) provide members with an opportunity to improve the quality of surgical care through engagement at the local level. 

The Virginia Chapter works closely with the College and provides opportunities for members to network with surgical peers, advocate on behalf of surgeons at the state and federal levels, and provides educational meetings with CME, all at the local level

The annual meetings provide surgeons with opportunities to improve the quality of surgical care via educational, networking, and social events at the local level.  View the annual meeting agenda archives here.

We strive to live our values through excellent communication, team spirit and a sense of fun! 

our priorities


Elevating the standards of surgery;

Establishing a standard of competency and character for practitioners of surgery;

Providing a method of granting membership in the organization;

Educating that the practice of surgery calls for special training;

Fostering support, mutual collaboration, and friendship among its members;

Encouraging collaborative research to improve the care of surgical patients.